Ice Check is the only way to outsmart McDonald's unreliable ice cream machines and find out if they are ON or OFF before you get on line. Our real-time status updates save  time, energy, and frustration...and offer you some sweet deals, too. We're taking the guesswork out of your McDonald's ice cream cravings. Pretty sweet, right?

Open the app.

Find ice cream. Go!

We're here when the craving hits.

How it Works


Find McDonald's Ice Cream, everyday,

 with real-time updates from users

and participating locations.

Ice Check relies on users to update the status of each ice cream machine, so if you see something -- say something! No login required. Download the app to report your first machine. Is it ON or OFF?



Ice Cream Machine not working? Update the app!

How does it work?

To find ice cream:


1. Tap the map icon at the bottom left corner of the screen


2. Then, tap the compass icon at the top right of the map and it will center in on your location and all the ice cream in your area. (You can also use your fingers to zoom in and out of the map)


That's it!




Find working ice cream machines in seconds

Find a sweet treat asap, thanks to real-time updates from other ice cream lovers

Update status of local machines

Machine on? Ugh is it off? Update the app and help other customers find working machines.

Save money with coupons from participating locations

Verified locations post coupons and promotions when their machines are down

Get directions

Turn-by-turn directions get you there fast

Bookmark faves

Keep all your favorite locations in one place

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Ice Check to your city!



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